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We loved the variety and integration of your courses. They seemed to have a natural flow from one to the other and the kids were able to apply what they had learnt in one area to the next. Nexgen staff were highly attentive (to the kids) and had a great attitude. Overall - a really positive experience for my son.
~ Shanti Bedard ~
Our children attended the camp encouraged by both of us. As it turned out, they had a fantastic time! At the end of each day, they were bursting with stories about what they had learnt and were always excited to explain the day's activities. The workshops were informative, fun and highly interactive and the children loved it!
~ Luca & Janice Febbraio ~

Popular Nexgen Courses

Checkout our excellent Coding & Robotics courses currently on offer to High schools. These typically suit yrs 7-11 after-school STEM clubs. For more information simply send us an email

The Nexgen Rover

The Nexgen Rover course is a journey into microcontrollers and robotics. Students learn robotics from the ground up, building, coding and customizing their robots. This course is suited to beginners & experienced coders alike. It runs for 2 terms, term 1 covers assembly and basics. Term 2 is project based.

GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2 is simply one of the best environments to learn how to code. Students learn real coding concepts through building simple games. This course runs for 2 terms, term 1 covers basic coding through building games. In term 2 students build their own games.

Tonuino MP3 Player

What better than a 3D printed MP3 player as your first build and foray into the Arduino Microcontroller? This is a fantastic project for yr 7&8 technology mandatory hours covering all the technology skills necessary and more.

Coding in Python Tutoring

Python is used in many different programming scenarios, from games to web applications. It’s used by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Netflix, PayPal, and Dropbox. These companies are using Python to push the boundaries of emerging technologies like data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and AI/machine learning.

From games, to AI to websites and data analytics - Python is being used everywhere in 2021. You have several reasons to start learning Python right now!

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About Us

Pete Januarius is the CEO at Nexgen Codecamp. He is a Frontend Web and iOS Developer. Pete loves to inspire others to 'get into' code and really believes that it isn't that hard!.

Pete Januarius

Reuban is a Co-founder and an Advisory Member to Nexgen Codecamp. Reuban is passionate about providing strong educational standards to schools and to students. He believes that Nexgen Codecamp has inspiring founders and instructors to ensure this vision is kept alive.

Reuban Siva

Our Team

Our instructors are professional software developers, designers, hardware engineers, film makers, drone pilots, teachers and animators, each with a number of years of industry experience in technology and education. We believe this gives us an edge as they are able to bring relevant, anecdotal knowledge to the workshops they instruct. All of our instructors have up to date working with children checks. The WWCC numbers are available on request.