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Our 1 day technology workshops will take place @ Killarney Heights Public School from 16-26 Apr 2018
We teach Coding & Technology

Parents said this...

We loved the variety and integration of your courses. They seemed to have a natural flow from one to the other and the kids were able to apply what they had learnt in one area to the next. Nexgen staff were highly attentive (to the kids) and had a great attitude. Overall - a really positive experience for my son. ~ Shanti Bedard. ~

Parents said this...

Our children attended the camp encouraged by both of us. As it turned out, they had a fantastic time! At the end of each day, they were bursting with stories about what they had learnt and were always excited to explain the day's activities. The workshops were informative, fun and highly interactive and the children loved it! ~ Luca & Janice Febbraio ~
A very well run and organised holiday camp. My son really enjoyed his week and loved coming home with a robot that he had programmed. We were very impressed with the skills the kids learnt. Coding is something all children should learn and Nexgen Codecamp was a great introduction to this! Thank you.
~ Leigh V ~
Thanks again for this amazing organisation and the kindness from all the people involved! My kids went for the 4 mornings and always told me that they could ask some help anytime :) They loved bringing back their own creation ( 3D, robotic) and my daughter who initially was not keen on coming was very happy to learn new things and be able to challenge herself !
~ Vanessa G ~
My son (nearly 13) did a 2 day Codecamp in the summer holidays and was thrilled with what he learned and achieved, while creating his game. Despite the very hot weather, he was super keen to go both days and learn more, he said the teachers were great, patient and really informative in a fun way. He'd love to do some more and take it to the next level. Thanks!
~ Catherine M ~

Students said this....

Pete and the team were very friendly and helpful and I was able to make a robot, do 3D printing and learnt lots of new things. I would like to do this again in the next school holidays.
~ Nivara, Yr5 ~
It was one of the best weeks I ever had because it taught a lot of things such as how to use Stencyl, Tupi, Sketchup and Arduino. I still use some of these applications with my computer !
~ Aurore, Yr5 ~
I had a great time and I discovered new programs that I did not know about. Also whenever I needed help or didn't understand something the teachers would kindly help me.
~ Tristan, Yr6 ~
It was great fun, the teachers were very helpful and I loved the Robotics!
~ Ben, Yr5 ~
Loads of fun, learnt lots of stuff, liked hanging out with my friends, would do it again.
~ Lachlan, Yr5 ~
it was super fun! I liked the robotics and animation best. The instructors were able to answer all my questions.
~ Rachel, Yr5 ~

Our Workshops

3D Printing

3D Printing

Come and learn all about 3D Printing!

We will have at least one 3D Printer in action although our aim is to have several. You will get to work on various designs using modelling software (SketchUp) and print them out! We are hoping you will get to take home some 3D printed artefacts

Just bring yourselves and prepare for some major FUN!



Beginners: Build your own robot car!

Skilled: Build Otto - your bipedal friend!

Intermediate: Build on the Devastator Robot Tank Platform over 2 days!

All you need to bring is yourselves. We will supply all the parts and the expertise. The kit prices above are there if you want to buy a kit after the course.



Ever wanted to design your own animated scene - well this is your chance!

In this workshop you will be given an understanding of animation and best practice animation techniques using free animation software.

We will teach you how to use the software, create and animate a scene with different characters. You will be able to take the files home to work on them further.

Game Design

Game Design with Stencyl/Javascript

Develop a game in Stencyl (Beginners). You will receive expert help from our instructors and go home with a complete game that you can continue to modify

Develop a game in Javascript (Skilled - you have coded before!). Build you own basic arcade game in just 1 day with custom graphics !! Don't worry - our expert instructors will guide everyone through the whole process.

Nexgen Tech Meets

Nexgen Tech Meets are where the parents and children from the local community come together to learn. A 'community' could be a school, a church, a club or even a suburb.

In Term 2 2018, we will be holding our first Tech Meet course at St Luke's Junior School in Dee Why, open to parents and pupils from the school.

We will be learning aspects of 3D-Printing, Robotics and Coding - building a robot called Otto - over the 7 weeks of the course. This is the same Otto that we use in our Skilled Robotics courses.

The Otto Bot

Signup here (for St Luke's parents/pupils)

Schools IoT/Robotics Challenge

When: 23-24 October 2018

Where: Microsoft: North Ryde Office, Sydney


Nexgen Codecamp, in co-operation with Microsoft Australia, would like to invite your school to participate in the “Nexgen IoT Robotics Challenge 2018”, which is a competition for Year 9-11 students to design and build a robot capable of surveying a disaster area and reporting back via a Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.

Find out more...

Schools IoT/Robotics Challenge

Learn More

This following section looks at what you can expect and what we will require from you if your booking is successful. Please take a moment to read each section below as it will give you a good understanding of what a given course is all about and exactly what you will need to do in the run up to and during the course your son/daughter is booked in for.

  • A Typical Day

    The following is an example from our Robotics workshop. The details of other workshops will have variations.

    The students arrive for a 9am start. The day finishes at 4:00pm. We start off with introductions and then go on to learn some fundamental electronics concepts. However, we are a little unorthodox in our teaching methods so don't expect books and reams of code to pour over!

    We take frequent breaks and generally have morning tea at 10:30am!

    Once, we have some concepts down, we start to build our robot, starting off with the easy parts such as mounting components onto the chassis eg. the Arduino microcontroller, batteries and sensors.

    Lunch runs from approximately 12:30pm - 1:00pm. We like to take everyone outside to get some fresh air during this time if at all possible.

    After lunch we code, customise and battle our robot! Parents are encouraged to arrive at 3:30pm so that they can be part of the effort that has gone in to create the robots plus you get to see them working!

  • Course Pre-Requisites

    • You MUST be either in Year 5 or above (Years 5-10)
    • We can provide you with a Windows laptop although you can bring your own Windows/Mac machine if you prefer (Windows 10 or Mac (Yosemite/El Capitan or Sierra) - >= i3, >= 4Gb RAM, >= 32GB HDD/SDD)
    • You MUST be familiar with either Windows 10 or Mac OSX
    • You MUST install any required software on your laptop prior to the course AND be familiar with it
    • You MUST complete any pre-requisite tutorials prior to a given workshop. You will be informed about this nearer the time.
  • Required Information

    We do require some information from you, however you don't need to worry about that right now. We will request this info after you have booked in:

    • Parental consent to participate
    • Allergy & Medication Info
    • Previous experience Info
    • Permission to take photos/videos during the course
  • Post Course Details

    • Depending on the workshop, you will be taking home stuff that you have 'built' during the day
    • You will be given a Certificate of Completion
    • You will be asked for feedback to help us improve our workshop content/delivery
    • You will be invited onto our brand new nexgen tech membership platform
  • FAQ

    • What time do the workshops start and finish?

      Typically 9am - 4pm however this may vary depending on the workshop.

    • Do you have to bring a laptop?

      You may bring either a Mac or Windows machine. If you don’t have one, we can provide one.

      The minimum spec operating systems are: Windows 10 or Mac (Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra)

      The minimum spec hardware is: CPU: >= i3, MEMORY: >= 4Gb, STORAGE: >= 32Gb

    • What is the prerequisite knowledge before taking a workshop?

      For Coding: Basic file management is essential, ie. copying, pasting, editing and unzipping files. Concepts of files and directories/folders should be very familiar.

      For Robotics/Microcontrollers: No prior knowledge needed although a basic appreciation of electricity/batteries is helpful

    • Does my son/daughter need to bring anything with them?

      Lunch and a drink.

    • Do you require use of the internet in your workshops?

      Generally not! We think that the internet can be a distraction and makes things harder to manage. If we do need to use it, we have ways of firewalling/whitelisting sites we want access to.

    • How long do your workshops run for?

      Typically a workshop is either half or one day.

    • What is your mobile phone policy?

      We ask the students to put their phones away during the workshop teaching time and use them in breaks/lunch only.

    • Where do you typically run your workshops?

      We partner with schools to help them offer more avenues of tech education to their students and companies to give parents an option of bringing their children to work in school holiday time to learn something fun.

    • How much do you charge for your workshops?

      Generally our charge rate works out at somewhere between 50 - 100 AUD / Day (but usually nearer 50 !!)

    • How many students are there in a typical class?

      Our minimum is usually 8 (sometimes 12) and maximum 25

    • Do you have insurance?

      Yes. We have both Public Liability Insurance to the tune of $10M and Workers Comp for all of our Instructors.

    • During the workshops - are the students sat in front of screens all day?

      On a coding workshop you would think so wouldn’t you? However, we believe that teaching code does not have necessarily screen led and often teach concepts through physical games/activities.

    • What are your teaching methods?

      As described above we use activities to teach. Our philosophy is to make learning fun so all of our methods are injected with metaphors and anecdotes. Our instructors are very experienced software professionals which enables them to adapt to many different groups of students and their different needs.

    • Do you have a progression of workshops?

      We currently have beginner & skilled workshops and are working on a learning path covering a broad spectrum of technology classes that run within a school's curriculum.

    • How do you compare in price with similar companies?

      This is always changing as prices fluctuate, however we believe we are very competitive with equivalent workshops/courses offered by competing companies.

    • Does each instructor have an up to date Working with Children Check?

      Yes, it is a requirement for instructing on any workshop that each instructor and assistant has a valid Working with Children Check.

    • Can I see some of the games that students have developed?

      Yes - we have a student games website located at:

    • Are the students presented with anything at the end of the workshop?

      Yes - a certificate of completion

    • What if a student is either struggling with the content or finding it easy?

      We recognize that most of our classes will follow a bell curve distribution. Our objective is to challenge those who are finding things easy and provide more help to those who are struggling. Ultimately we want every student to have an enjoyable experience over the duration of the workshop.

    • What language(s) do you teach?

      Javascript for coding, C in Robotics and Stencyl which uses Haxe (Java like language)

    • Will you teach Python?

      For sure! We are developing new workshops/courses and Python is one of them.

    • Why do you teach Javascript?

      Primarily because it is easy to learn and there are no barriers to entry

    • What do the days consist of?

      We really try to pack a lot in; along with coding the robotics workshop gives students insight into mechatronics and the coding workshops are complemented by game design. We also make sure students take regular breaks to avoid eye-strain and have food and exercise breaks.

About Us

Our Instructors

Our instructors are either professional software developers, designers, hardware engineers or animators, each with a number of years of industry experience in technology and education. We believe this gives us an edge as they are able to bring relevant, anecdotal knowledge to the courses they instruct. All of our instructors have up to date working with children checks. The WWCC numbers are available on request.

Luke Stevenson is an Instructor and Freelance Full Stack Web Developer/Consultant. Luke enjoys solving problems using software and systems, and developing tools and websites which are used in the day-to-day lives of tens of thousands of people.

Luke Stephenson

Kai Connell is an Instructor. He graduated University in 2015, after which he found his first job at Nexgen Codecamp. Currently Kai aids in the creation of games for different courses and enjoys finding different possibilities to approach the same problem.

Kai Connell

Adam Karas is an instructor and full time university student. He has had a passion for computers and coding since he was young, and hopes to drive others to crave knowledge and think in a critical manner through his recently discovered joy of teaching.

Adam Karas

Josh Bowman has worked in the games and animation industry for over half a decade, animating characters across games, TV, short films and advertising. Josh has also taught animation at a leading Sydney University for the past 5 years and is now a full-time teacher. He’s passionate about making art, creating stories and crafting meaningful learning through the use of technology.

Josh Bowman

Andrew Alexander is a professional draftsman, and has been using CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) software for more than 18 years. His passion for 3D modeling, as well as an avid interest in design and technology has led him to 3D printing as an outlet for his creative talent. He loves sharing his knowledge and passion with anyone who is willing to listen and loves to see kids get excited about what’s possible with 3D printing, and technology in general.

Andrew Alexander

Rein Turley is an instructor. Rein recently completed her Masters of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney. When Rein is not working at Nexgen she runs interactive/tech forward workshops for children in her role as a Livewire Facilitator for the Starlight Foundation. Rein has a passion for encouraging girls to learn how to code.

Rein Turley

Jeremy Nagel is an instructor who wishes he was born five hundred years ago so he could be a pirate. When he's not reading novels about privateers, he works as a software engineer for Cozero - an energy technology company that offer smarter energy options to business.

Jeremy Nagel

Lavina is a trainer and instructor in Information Technology and a freelance web developer. She has had the opportunity to teach coding to students aged 12 to 68 :). She believes that teaching kids coding builds their creativity and confidence and enjoys being part of it.

Lavina Lobo

Thomas Manson is a consultant for Microsoft and has worked as a professional software engineer for many years, building a wide range of applications and web sites along the way. He has a passion for building things that people love to use, and is inspired to share this with others.

Thomas Manson

Malcolm is a robotics instructor. He has over 30 years experience in the electronics and IT industries. Currently he is a Network Broadcast Engineer for a Satellite communications company. He develops electronic projects for Scouts and also for fun. He enjoys showing what is possible with electronics and robotics to young minds to help them develop their STEM knowledge and abilities.

Malcolm Faed

The Rest of Us

Pete Januarius is a Co founder and Head of Engineering at Nexgen Codecamp. He is a Frontend Web and iOS Developer. Pete loves to inspire others to 'get into' code and really believes that it isn't that hard!.

Pete Januarius

Anto Joseph is our Head of Business Development. He believes that code and design is important to every student and is excited to bring this vision to school and education bodies.

Anto Joseph

Stephen Little is a Co founder and Head of Education. He is a Graphic Designer and a High School Art and Design teacher. He is on a mission to get people excited about art in games and explore the blurring lines between traditional and digital art and design.

Stephen Little

Reuban Siva is our Head of Sales. He is on a mission to provide all students the opportunity to learn how to code. Reuban is excited to be working with schools to help further students' education.

Reuban Siva

Monika Murphy is our Head of Marketing. With over 20 years of marketing experience, she is passionate about working with small businesses and building Nexgen Codecamp as the 'go to' brand if it comes to coding and technology education for young people.

Monika Murphy