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Schools IoT/Robotics Challenge - Support Page

This is where you'll find an ever increasing number of help documents, videos and articles to help get your team across the line. If you want help with anything in particular, then please contact your mentor who can then arrange for more content to be placed here if necessary. Please keep an eye on our facebook page as well which will from time to time contain relevant updates. Don't worry though we'll make sure your team receives all the necessary comms at the right time.

Competition Rules/Constraints

The Rule List. Please read as soon as possible!

Kit Choices

Download information on IoT/Robotics Kit Choices here

Devastator Tank Platform - Starter Videos

Tank Assembly Tips

Download a PowerPoint presentation on Tank Construction Tips

Download 3D Printer model for the tank washer as described in the Tank Construction Tips document. STL file

Arduino Tutorials and Code

Romeo BLE Tutorials

Motor control and remote control using the Serial Monitor (wired) and via Bluetooth using a mobile.

The code for the Serial Monitor version can be downloaded from here

The code for the bluetooth version can be downloaded from here

iOS Bluetooth app can be found here in the Appstore

Raspberry Pi Tutorials and Code

Raspberry Pi Pinouts

Checkout this quick guide to the pin numbers on the Raspberry Pi

Setting up a Raspberry Pi from Scratch

There are many starter guides for the RPi out there on the internet. This is one of them

Raspberry Pi PWM Speed Control

A discussion on controlling the speed of the motors with PWM

A great article on how to use PWM with the L298N

How to Add a Power Button to your Raspberry Pi

Add a momentary switch to your RPi to wake it from sleep.

Controlling the Devastator with a remote keyboard

Remote control keyboard with Node JS Sockets

Remote control keyboard with Python Sockets

Remote control keyboard with pure ssh and Python

Raspberry Pi Tips and Maintenance

A discussion on how to check your GPIO pins are working

Microsoft Azure Tutorials

Coming Soon

Design Constraints

Coming Soon

3D Printing

Coming Soon

Customising your Robot

Coming Soon

Working with your Mentor

Coming Soon

Bluetooth Modules

Coming Soon

Motor Drivers

L298N Motor Driver Tutorial at

L298N Motor Driver Basics L298N Dual Motor Controller module and Arduino tutorial at