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Our Technology/STEM Workshops

Break into Robotics

Break into Robotics

Beginner: Build your own robot car!

Our line following robot is an excellent STEM activity and a great introduction to robotics. Unlike other robots that you 'snap' together, we design and build our own creations, which are put together from the ground up.

We will teach the students about each component, how it works and fits together into the whole robot. Generally this cannot be done with 'off the shelf' models.

Game Design using Scratch

Game Design with Scratch

Beginner: Build your first game in Scratch!

Develop a game in Scratch. Let us lead you through a fun and fulfilling game building exercise using Scratch. We will cover simple game building logic, graphics, sounds, gameplay and much more.

This game is suitable for those who are familiar with the basics of Scratch OR those who have never used Scratch before but are interested in having a go at coding a game for the first time. Kick start your coding journey with this workshop.

Robotics (OttoBot)

3D Printing + Robotics (Dancing Ottobot)

Skilled: Build your own dancing Otto robot!

Having a go at building an Ottobot is a fantastic activity for those with some skill in robotics and/or 3D Printing. We will be modelling accessories for Otto the dancing robot on day 1 and then building the robot on day 2. We'll have him dancing before the end of the workshop!

We will teach the students a little bit about 3D-Printing and modelling, some robotics and some coding. This is truly an integrated technology workshop!

Game Design

Game Design with Javascript

Intermediate: Build your own retro arcade game!

Develop a game in Javascript. Build your version of the classic arcade game - Asteroids. Note that you will need to have coded before and will have a good grasp of the following: variables, datatypes, conditional statements, for...loops. You may have some understanding of the following: classes, objects, events.

This will be challenging - if you have coded at school or done previous workshops, this could be for you and will definitely take your coding skills to the next level.

Game Design

Game Design with Stencyl

Skilled: Build your own tower defence style game!

Develop a game using Stencyl which is a drag and drop coding environment much like Scratch. This particular workshop will be pitched at those who have an appreciation of coding.

This will be relevant for you if you have done a bit of coding before in Scratch or something similar (drag and drop coding)